Show Format

With our Facebook page up and running, we are hitting the road hard.
We are going to introduce upcoming artist from around the world, and when I say poly-genre, we will have top shelf musicians from Country, Blues,  R&B, Rock, Alternative, Bluegrass, and Classical.

A place were musicians will have a voice across the globe. a unique approach through International Broadcast, This opens doors to people that are unable to obtain an internet connection or a local radio station.  Yes and of course our programing is available on the internet.

We will be introducing artist via live performances, even open mic performances, industry news, and interviews, which will be blasted around the world.  our philosophy is simple, there is so many opinions on politics and religion that it makes my head spin. This is a place were we can put aside our differences as a human race and enjoy the common interest.  MUSIC

Excellent music That is heard nowhere else!

Be enlighten with a variety of great music.

Keeping it real variety show.



Hello People,

Our show Format consist of playing unsigned artist at the beginning of our playlist.
We encourage artist to submit their songs to be broadcast internationally (see contact us).
We also play top artist that are rated audiophile level recordings, although the broadcast is not capable to reproduce this ability, we suggest listening to our recorded show to experience this.
You can Shazam the songs of known artist or listen to the commentary after the song is played.  Many songs we select are not top 40, even though they may end up that way.  We purchase the songs that we play.  I’m sure that a lot that we play you never heard, but are excellent!  And this opinion is shared by many people all over the world.

And sometimes we get crazy with diverse conversations, and yes, a F-bomb will be heard!
We also go on location recording live events , concerts and bar music performances.
All in all, we are having fun, and we hope it will be fun for you.

We can be heard on shortwave every Tuesday at 8:00 pm EST or 0100 UTC
WBCQ THE PLANET in the 40 meter band 7490 KHz or listen live from their stream.

JUST LISTEN TO THE MUSIC!  It really is some of the best selections ever.

WBCQ is an *international* shortwave station. As such, there are no restrictions (or payments, etc) related to any musical content. The usual domestic limitations/rules/payments do not apply to an *international* shortwave station.

Thank you all
Keeping It Real Variety Show!